Home Improvement Glossary

Basic Terms & Definitions

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Dormer: Smaller roof projection from main roof.

Gable: Roof with two sides.

Hip: Roof with four sides.

Ice Backup System: (3') wide sticky rolled material applied to gutter edges of the roof.

Low E: (Low Emission) A transparent, micro-thin, metallic coating, applied to the interior side of the insulated glass unit. It reflects radiated heat and allows solar heat to pass.

Rake: Edges of the gables.

Ridge: The peak or top of the roof.

Ridge Vent: Rigid vent mounted along the main ridge of the house.

R-Value: Measures the resistance of a material to heat transmission. A higher “R” value is desirable because it means more solar heat is absorbed through the window.

Soffits: Overhangs of the roof.

Soil Stack: Vent pipe for sanitary sewer.

Valley: Transition between two roofs.

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