Replacement Windows For Cleveland Area Homes

Large double pane windows in corner of living room


Fairview Home Improvement offers replacement window products from multiple distributors so that you can find the best solution for your Northeast Ohio home. See our options for replacement windows from a variety of leading window manufacturers. You can also visit our gallery to see some examples of replacement windows we have installed in Northeast Ohio. 


Comfort, energy efficiency, and ease of operation are built into every Polaris® window. Tough extrusions are ultra-welded at every frame and sash joint to create seamless, weather-tight windows. The hardware operates effortlessly and is designed with style and strength. Polaris® vinyl formulation maintains its color and minimizes heat transfer.

ENERGY STAR® qualified windows by Polaris® are manufactured with high-efficiency EnergySMART® glass to reduce your heating and cooling costs. These insulated glass (IG) panes are tightly sealed onto the Intercept® U-shaped steel spacer. Together, the spacer and sealant block temperature transfer and reduce condensation. We also offer many high-performance EnergySMART® upgrades, all of which are ENERGY STAR® qualified.

  • Triple pane IG units offer greater insulation and sound-deadening properties.
  • Argon or Krypton gas fill reduces temperature transfer.
  • Heat Mirror™ Low-E film is fixed between glass panes.
  • Low-E glass coating reduces ultraviolet light damage and heat gain.
  • Choose clear glass, bronze or gray tint.

Alside® Mezzo®

Alside® Mezzo® windows are stylish, durable, low-maintenance, and energy efficient with cutting-edge weathertight performance.

  • EdgeForce™ narrowline frame and sash offer superior strength, contemporary sightlines, and an expanded glass area with exceptional daylighting.
  • Ocular™ screen bulb seal eliminates light penetration between the screen and frame and helps block insect access.
  • CoreFX™ deposit reinforcement allows for secure mounting of hardware while the non-conductive material reduces heat transfer of energy.
  • Defense-Tek™ secure locking system contains low-profile hardware to indicate if your windows are unlocked.
  • Forecaster™ true sloped sill provides a highly efficient drainage system that promotes water runoff without the use of weep holes.
  • HP³™ telescoping sill offers protection from air and water infiltration and increased structural stability.
  • Gatekeeper™ sash-to-sill interlock contains three layers of weatherstripping and is channeled firmly in the vinyl window frame to withstand extreme weather conditions.



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