Patio Doors

A beautiful, well-situated patio door can do wonders for your home. Both from inside and out, a sliding or French patio door can elevate your space while also allowing you to enjoy your living areas more fully. At Fairview Home Improvement we offer high-quality patio doors from Alside®, Polaris®, and ProVia®. Our patio door installation professionals can help you to find the best style and color of patio door for your home. They can also explain available features that you can select to truly customize your preferred choice.

Patio Door Options

Hinged, sliding, or French are the traditional types of patio doors that are available to homeowners.

French doors require more space surrounding the doors, since they both open fully, either swinging in or out. To take the most advantage of these doors, you’ll want to situate them in a place that can allow you to open them fully, if desired or necessary. Wide open French doors allow you to enjoy cool breezes, take in beautiful views, and keep an eye on children or pets. 

Since sliding doors are more one-dimensional, they are naturally space-saving. One panel moves while the other is stationary, so you can keep furnishings close to the door if you have more limited space.

Security can also be a concern with patio doors, since they are typically very large panels of glass in a frame. French patio doors offer the opportunity for a deadbolt locking mechanism, along with flush locks. Sliding patio doors typically include one form of locking mechanism, with some models also offering foot-operated locks. French patio doors can be more versatile, whereas sliding glass doors are generally used to open into backyard spaces.

Sliding Patio Doors from Alside® and Polaris®

Alside® patio doors are made using durable vinyl that withstands extreme weather conditions and remains weathertight for years to come. Paired with energy efficient glass panels, these doors allow light in but keep the elements out. Choose from optional built-in blinds, grids, and decorative glass elements for a patio door that highlights your personal taste while satisfying your family’s needs. 

Polaris® ThermalWeld+ vinyl patio doors are easy to operate while also being very energy efficient. Their premium quality materials shine through in their durability. Doors feature a foot-operated deadbolt for extra locking protection and the option for partial opening. Fusion welding allows for a one-piece construction that is both strong and weather-resistant, built to funnel water away from the door. The maintenance-free vinyl used in Polaris® patio doors retain their appearance for a lifetime, and are available in an array of colors and finishes. Low-E film and argon gas work to reduce UV light infiltration and heat transfer. All Polaris® doors also come with a limited lifetime warranty for glass panels.

French Patio Doors from ProVia®

ProVia® French patio doors are crafted using durable fiberglass or steel and a high level of customization. Choose from a smooth or woodgrain finish and find the ideal shade to coordinate the doors with your home’s existing aesthetic. Glass options include decorative, privacy, internal blinds and grids, and art glass, featuring their energy-efficient ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing Systems.

From French patio and entry doors to walk-out basements and more, ProVia® doors beautify any home while also offering flexibility and accessibility to living spaces. Doors are hinged on each end with hardware in the center, and are available as inswing or outswing; or select unequal French doors that feature one primary door and one closed door, with the ability to open both the large and small doors. Combine French patio doors with sidelites and transoms for an enhanced effect.

Fairview Home Improvement Is Cleveland’s Choice for Patio Doors

If you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, or open up your indoor living space into the great outdoors of your backyard, you couldn’t do better than choosing patio doors from Alside®, Polaris®, or ProVia®. Fairview Home Improvement staff is well-versed in the various options and considerations to be aware of when selecting the ideal doors for your home. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our selection of patio doors and get started on your next home improvement project.

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