5 Benefits to Installing Storm Doors

March 20, 2022

These days we all want front doors boasting a pop of color and ample glass panels to let in all the light, among other trendy options. But, once you've got the perfect entry door installed and curb appeal is ranking high, it's time to think about protecting that investment. While storm doors might have an old-fashioned ring to their name, they're a great way to modernize your home. We'll share five ways to benefit your home and your wallet by installing a storm door. If you've already outfitted your home with storm doors, read on to be reminded of reasons all should appreciate your good taste and judgment.

1. The Element of Choice

Years ago, Cleveland storm door shoppers would have found the selection pretty limited. But things have changed. In addition to countless available materials, styles, and hardware, you can typically choose from several finishes and custom paint options as well. Door configurations also feature an array of combinations of screen and glass panels. Winter weather can be kept at bay using insulated glass, and a generous screen lets you take advantage of spring and summer breezes while keeping insects where they belong. Take your preferences and habits into account when choosing the best storm door for your home so you'll be prepared when the weather takes a turn.

2. Weather Defense

You can never have too many layers of protection against nature's worst. From soaring temperatures and humidity in the height of summer to icy winds and flying snow in the depths of winter, your home's exterior takes a beating. Your entry door is no exception. But here's where storm doors shine. They create a buffer between the extreme outdoors and the temperature of your home, but they also work to deflect intense sun rays that can overheat your home and ruin or warp your door's finish. In addition, a quality storm door ensures that snow and rain can't build up in the doorway and compromise structural integrity, and drafts can't sneak under and around doors.

3. Stronger Security

Home invaders need to work quietly and efficiently to get in and out without being detected quickly. So every layer of security you add to your home makes it that much less likely that they'll succeed. So if security is a concern, adding a storm door with unique features like protective grilles, security glass, and multi-point locks could be the deterrent that will cause intruders to look elsewhere. Multi-point locks are especially secure, and they often comprise a combination of a deadbolt with hooks or latches that engage with the door's frame.

4. Energy Conservation

Not all storm doors are created equal, so if energy savings is your goal, then look for options that include triple-layer construction aluminum doors. Two "skins" of aluminum surrounding a foam core ensure that your storm door will trap a cushion of air that prevents excessive drafts. Thorough weatherstripping along the sides, top, and bottom of the door is also necessary. Finally, many modern storm doors are built using low-emissivity (low-E) coatings that reflect heat inside in the winter and outside in summer. These coatings also protect your door against the damaging effects of UV rays. When all these factors combine, you're sure to experience more consistent indoor temperatures and see less strain on your HVAC system. All these features add up to lower energy costs overall.

5. Overall Great Value

Clearly, storm doors in Cleveland just make sense. Our weather is constantly changing, and with the right doors in place, you can definitely boost your home's efficiency. If you're looking for the best storm doors for your home, Fairview Home Improvement has options for you. We offer high-quality aluminum doors made to withstand Cleveland's extreme weather and increase security, all while adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. But as easy as it is to see why a storm door is a great idea, installation can be tricky. Working with the professionals at Fairview Home Improvement ensures that your new storm door will add value to your home for years to come. 

Quality Storm Doors in Cleveland, Ohio

At Fairview Home Improvement, we can't change the weather, but we can help to protect your home against it. So whether you'd like to install a brand new door or replace an old, underperforming storm door, we'd love to hear from you. Give us a call today to learn more about our top-grade options, or complete our contact form to request a consultation.

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