How To Pick a Roof Color?

September 20, 2021

A brown new roof on a bright summer day

A roof is a large portion of what you see when you look at your home, second only to siding material. Roofs are also a long-term commitment, something Fairview Home Improvement takes seriously. So when you choose a roof color, it is not a choice to be made lightly. How do you even begin to think about what color to choose? Working with color can be tricky sometimes, especially if you are not comfortable making color choices. Here are a few tips to help you so you can confidently choose the color of your next roof.


Look Around For Inspiration

Walk or drive around your neighborhood. What houses stand out as appealing? Which ones catch your eye in a good way? Observe how they have combined colors on their house. Are any nearby houses a similar color to your own home? Do you like how the roof looks with that color? 

If there are no similar comparisons in your area, doing internet research is a great way to find houses with similar looks to yours and get an idea of what looks good to you and what you don’t like. 


Get Samples

Getting a sample of roofing material is important, so you can see what that particular material looks like next to your siding and trim as well as in different lights. Hold the sample up in different places—sun and shade, midday, morning, and evening. Colors and textures shift in different lights and it will be important to make sure the color doesn’t look unappealing in different lights. 


Consider  Contrast

Since the roof is one of the larger areas of color on your house, the color should not blend in with the siding on the house. The roof doesn’t have to be the opposite color, but it should have some contrast in order to make the architecture features and shape of your home distinct. 


Think About Light or Dark

Lighter roofing materials make a home look larger, and are often used on single-story homes to help the home seem taller. Darker roof colors provide more definition and distinction of the shape of a house overall. That is why a dark roof is often used on a taller home to provide distinction between the siding and the roof. 


Choose Warm or Cool Colors

When choosing colors to go together on a house, it is simplest to stick with either a warm or cool color palette. Warm colors (brown, red, yellow, cream, etc) look best with a warm colored roof. Cool colors (blue, green, grey, bright white, etc) tend to look more cohesive with cooler colored roofs. The one exception would be that a dark grey/black roof is a classic look that fits well with most house colors. 


Narrow it Down

Sometimes there are too many great options, and it can be hard to narrow them down. Just like narrowing down options on a multiple-choice test, eliminate the colors you are least enthusiastic about first. Sometimes it is easier to know what we like the least. Keep going until you are left with the perfect roof color for your home!


Let Fairview Home Improvement Help

Ready to start choosing a new roof color? Contact Fairview Home Improvement to schedule a consultation and get a free quote, or check out our roofing project gallery to start picturing the possibilities for your home! 

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