4 Ways To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

December 27, 2021

A garden is an investment. Not only does a well-kept garden increase the value of your home, but gardens can increase your quality of life as well. A garden provides beauty and life for any home throughout the year. 

When winter comes it may seem like your garden is dormant, but really your garden is getting ready to bring the fireworks next year. Read on to see how you can help it along!

1. Clearing the Garden

It is important to clear the garden of any excess debris. If you clear out leaves, sticks, and other natural materials that may accumulate on the ground during the fall, you won’t have to do it in the spring.

Pruning your plants in the winter preps your garden for a beautiful spring.

2. Pruning and Trimming

Some plants, such as certain types of roses, require pruning in the fall. Other plants, such as hostas and daylilies, can be trimmed to the ground and the dead leaves removed. Deadheading, or removing the dead flowers from a plant, can also help a plant be ready for winter, and improve your curb appeal. Every plant is unique and has its own needs, so be sure to pay attention to the types of plants you have and care for them according to either the instructions that came with the plant or even better, make friends with the staff at your local greenhouse for advice.

3. Protect Fragile Plants

Certain plants, especially in more northern climates, may not be suited to the harsh temperatures and the weight of snow in winter. Any plant that might break under heavy snow or ice should be wrapped in order to protect the plant from breakage that would cause permanent damage. Other plants may need protection from frost, and would be kept slightly warmer by being wrapped. Most people use burlap to wrap plants, but other options are available. Some plants, such as banana palms and rosemary are not hardy enough to survive winter even with a wrap, and should be brought indoors for the winter.

A well pruned garden with evergreens bring beauty to a home all year long.

4. Weeding + Annual Removal

One last round of weeding before winter will help you immensely come spring so that the ground will be ready to plant again. Any annuals you have (tomatoes and many vegetables, along with marigolds, impatiens, etc.) should be removed completely and composted. This prepares the way for new plants to be put into your garden come spring.

Preparing your garden for winter is an excellent way to improve the value of your home. As you prepare for winter in the garden, consider other ways you might want to add value to your home. Talk to the professionals at Fairview Home Improvement to get a quote on anything from windows to roofs

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