Patio Decor Inspiration–Get Your Patio Ready For Spring!

April 22, 2024

Spring has sprung, and it’s finally starting to warm up in Cleveland. It’s at this point in the year when those backyard cookouts and balmy evenings spent on the front porch seem right within your grasp. That said, winter can do a number on your outdoor living spaces. After all, it’s likely been a few months since you paid them any mind. So let’s get your patio and outdoor party zones up to snuff for the coming season.

Decor Upgrades

It’s easy to get used to something and take it for granted, and our outdoor patio spaces are no exception. So take some time to do a deep clean of your porch, patio, or patio enclosure, and toss any decor that’s worn or past its prime. Once you’ve taken inventory of what you’re working with, step back and assess–does this motif or theme still spark joy? If so, great! Find ways to add to what you’ve got and keep on living the outdoor dream. Older furniture can be scrubbed down and repainted, or you can grab some new cushions. But if you’re not loving it, or it’s legitimately time for an upgrade, there are plenty of ways to quickly and easily update and upgrade your patio in anticipation of the summer weather.

One simple change you can make is to find a new outdoor rug for the space. Choose one that complements your color scheme and that can hold up to the elements and plenty of foot traffic. Fresh pillows, soft throws, and other textural, plush fabrics can easily serve to update your patio and patio enclosure. If you have the space for a dining table, you can mix-and-match dining chairs for a cozy, lived-in, comfortable vibe; or opt for more modern seating with clean lines and profiles. 

It could be that a simple lick of paint is all it takes to jazz up your outdoor space, from the patio floor, to the fence, and even furniture frames. Sometimes a shift in color spells a huge change in the overall feel of your favorite chill spot. Take inspiration from your interior rooms to create a seamless flow from indoors to out, using the colors, themes, motifs, and textures you enjoy most.

If you have a smaller space and you want to add optional seating, an oversized ottoman can be just the thing, functioning as a table, seating, and making for the ultimate chill zone. And if your outdoor patio space is larger, using screens or clear visual cues to differentiate between lounging and dining spots can bring a sense of calm and serenity. 


Amped Up Coziness

So you have a lovely, revamped outdoor space, but maybe it’s still missing that cozy factor. Aside from upgraded fabrics and fresh colors, what else can you do to make your patio enclosure a place you want to be? 

One way to create a sense of seclusion is to add screens or hang sheer panels. The romantic image of sheer fabric gently fluttering in a summer breeze can’t be beat, but the fabric can also serve the purpose of keeping pollen, insects, and the sun’s rays at bay. Add a cantilever patio umbrella for the ultimate convenience when it comes to outsmarting the heat of the midday sun. 

When it comes to your furniture, be sure that it doesn’t just look great–it needs to be super comfortable as well. Check that table heights and chair features are compatible with what you prefer. If you and your family like to kick your feet up, be sure your furniture allows for that, and makes it comfortable to lounge in style. This is an extension of your home, and you want to be just as choosy about your outdoor spaces as you would be indoors. The way you arrange furnishings can make a difference too, encouraging conversation, or prompting some reflective alone time.

Installing outdoor lighting and fans can also help to make a space more versatile, able to be used even in warm and humid weather, and once the sun drops below the horizon—arguably the best time to enjoy that summer patio life! Choose from countless products on the market today, from solar-powered, plug-in, or hard-wired lanterns, string lights, and more. Or you can go old-school charming with a collection of candles. Avoid harsh, direct lighting for the ultimate mood factor.

While spring ramps up into summer, and once summer starts the slow decline into fall, cooler nights could keep you inside. Splash out for a gas fire pit table to serve as a cozy centerpiece that keeps you outside, lingering longer and making memories. If you have the space for it (and it’s okay where you live), you could even opt for the real thing, with a live fireplace that is sure to be the centerpiece of any outdoor evening. Add an outdoor libation station with your favorite beverages on tap, and you have the makings for a perfect night in.


A Greenery Boost

One layer of outdoor life that truly makes walking out onto your patio like taking a mini vacation comes with adding plants and touches of greenery. The natural warmth and humidity of summer allows you to bring houseplants outside or bring home some flowering tropicals from the local garden center. Add an unparalleled element of freshness with a selection of potted plants, hanging planters, and trailing vines to lend a real jungle vibe to your outdoor hangout areas.

There are plenty of easy-to-care-for options at garden centers and big box stores this time of year. Many succulents and flowering annuals will thrive in a sunny spot without asking for much care in return. Likewise, trailing vines can handle the more secluded areas without much more than an occasional watering. But if you feel like it’s too much of a challenge or bother to use fresh plants in your outdoor decor, opt for fabrics and other decor items that bring in floral or botanical motifs. However you can, try to incorporate green themes for a lush, natural outdoor experience. You can even find plans online to use materials you may already have on hand to create a quaint vertical garden for flavorful summer herbs. Keep it near the BBQ for easy, on-the-fly seasoning.


Create A New Outdoor Living Space

We spend so much time indoors, so when it’s warm enough to be outside for hours on end, we want to take advantage of that gift! All these options help to make the spaces you’ve already invested in more usable and enjoyable to be in, meaning that you’re getting the full value of your property each and every day of the year, weather permitting. 

And if weather often doesn’t permit, that’s one more reason to consider installing a patio enclosure or patio cover in your Cleveland home. Updating your space will encourage you to get out there and help to add more great memories, as you feel more confident inviting friends and family over for outdoor fun. A revamped patio enclosure or patio cover can also bump up overall property value

While you’re hanging around outside, if you start to notice that your home’s gutters, siding, windows, roof, patio doors, or entry doors could use an upgrade, we can help. So get started on your next Cleveland home improvement project, with the professionals at Fairview Home Improvement. Check out our offerings and get in touch with us today!

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